Multi-accounts and recent activity

We found out an issue with the recent activity module. It actually has difficulties to find results with the multi-accounts on a Windows E01. For the main account, it finds a lot of things, but for all the secondaries (4 for us today), there are no results (or just a few), not enough anyway.
After working with the web databases for each account, we have found a lot more.
Does anyone have noticed that before?

Many thanks.

Hi Fabrice,

Are you referring to the profiles that are used in chromium browsers? What version of Autopsy are you using?


this is for all datas from the recent activities (like all browsers). All datas from the main user are found, but from the other users, it just found a very few. But compares to the databases we parsed, it is like it began, but stoped, and then did the others the same way.
We are using autopsy 4.20.0.

I meant Windows users. Sorry for the explanation.

after further testing, it appears that the error was caused by us and the filters we have used in a speadsheet. The problem was that at first it was difficult to differentiate between users because they were in the same source, and after checking, some databases that we thought were full, were empty.
My bad…