malware research

dear all,
I am testing autopsy 4.18. I create an ingest using the hash of mantaray forensics.
After hours of elaboration. It show me near file a red exclamation mark. In corner at the bottom said a great number of errors:“unable to index blackboard artifact”
what means?

@giandega What is the size of input data that you are trying to ingest and what hardware resources (especially RAM) do you have on your machine? The first thing I would do is increase the amount of RAM/heap that is available to Solr (text indexing server):


In the case log directory there will be autopsy log file for the ingest. If you send us the file, I can look into it further:


the pc has 16 gn of ram.
But i did a mistake were on also photorec.
I did again the experiment, and in half an hour I’ve got the result