Issue with Ingesting Data

I am new to Autopsy. I am trying to ingest the data from a 1,535,973 KB .E01 file but for some reason after trying to ingest the data for 19 minutes the Autopsy goes away. It is not giving me all of the data that I am asking from the file as it should not be taking that short amount of time with ingesting the data. Is there a log file location that can show the start of the processing and where the crash or end of the process is?

By “goes away” do you mean the Autopsy program crashes?

On Windows, the normal logs are in your user folder under AppData\Roaming\autopsy\var\log. You might also have an “hs_err_pidXXX.txt” file, though I’m not sure where it gets saved.

Yes, I do mean Autopsy program crash and thanks for the help.