ImageGallery Fork - null controller in performAction()

I’m currently working on developing a Java Plugin, using ImageGallery as a baseline, but I’ve encountered an issue that I’m unable to debug. I hope someone could lend a hand in resolving it.

In the process of creating a new project, I copied the ‘src’ content from the ImageGallery folder. So far, everything has been smooth. I’ve disabled the “embedded” plugin and registered my fork, which at the moment, consists of identical code.

When I run the new module from NetBeans, I see the ImageGallery icon become active upon loading the case. However, clicking on the Images/Videos icon results in an error message: “Cannot Open Image Gallery” followed by “An initialization error occurred. Please see the log for details”.

Digging deeper into the problem, it seems that an exception is triggered due to a null controller. However, the perplexing part is why the controller is null. When I run the same module from the “preloaded” plugin, it functions as expected. But for some reason, when I load the forked code, it doesn’t operate correctly.

This issue has been quite maddening, and I sincerely hope you can provide some assistance. If anything in my explanation is unclear, please don’t hesitate to ask for clarification.

I eventually found the root cause of the issue, which was in the version of SQLITE-JDBC jar shipped with the release that triggered a SQL Exception on the prepareStatement function. I upgraded the JAR and it now works.