Help computer configuration type

Hello, i would like to know what il the configuration type for a computer with AUTOPSU 4.17.
I try autopsy with an old proliant ml 350 g6 with two xeon e5620 and 8GO @1333Mhz
1SSD (system), and two raid0 for the image and the output
I use an image E01 of a system drive and i take 26h00 to analyse it.
I would like to know what is the bottleneck …
I think that is the ram… 8GO is little and the frequence est not enought.
I would like to buy a new configuration what can i take ?
is it better a xeon cpu orcore i7 cpu?
does i prefer DDR4 3200Mhz
do you know the impact of hight frequencies of ram ?
If i put 16Go of ram how many ram can i put for the option “solr jvm memory” ?
what is this option ? can you explain me?
Is it interressed to have more than 16Go of ram ?
Is it better to have a cpu with many cores @2.4ghz frequence or less core with higher frequencies per cores?
Sorry for my poor english I’m french
Thank’s a lot for yours answsers
best regards