Doing Autopsy on Cellular

I am trying to do Autopsy on Cellular devices. Am I missing something or is there something else I need to do?

Hello. What kind of cell phone extraction are you working with and how did you generate it?

If you have an unencrypted Android physical extraction, Android logical filesystem extraction, or an iPhone filesystem extraction then you should be able to load those images or archives (.tar or .zip) into Autopsy and process them using the aLEAPP and iLEAPP modules. If you have an encrypted Android or iOS extraction then unfortunately these can’t be analyzed.

I have had the save problem haven’t been able to process any iPhone images or Android unencrypted with Autopsy I E-mailed the company and attempted to call useless.

Have you tried to run aLeapp or iLeapp against the images you have to see if they generate anything?

I have not been able to image the phones using Autopsy at all

I was trying to see if I could image or do anything with these phone on Autopsy

Autopsy cannot image anything. It is made to do analysis not imaging.

Ok but Autopsy use to have a platform for phones. Is that not available anymore

I just opened a new topic regarding this. iLeapp is working for me on my unencrypted phone backup (I used itunes to create it) but the module in autopsy isn’t finding anything based on the module output log files and/or even if I include all modules.

So this is an iTunes backup that you are processing then correct? I see how is figuring out how to process the directory as an iTunes backup. When time permits I will get this added in. I also want to add in the other xLeapp programs as well.

Thank you for the reply Mark. I also used the .zip file from magnet axiom processing that same device and it was the same situation.

Do you have a recommendation for a better method of acquiring the image of the phone that autopsy can use with iLeapp?