data convert from autopsy module

I made a code in python to read these dates, but it’s not working, can you help me?

Query the contacts table in the database and get all columns.

            stmt = dbConn.createStatement()
            resultSet = stmt.executeQuery("SELECT mediastores.msid, datetime((lastseen/1000000000),'unixepoch'), case datetime((last_sync/1000000000), 'unixepoch') when '1970-01-01 00:00:00' then null else datetime((last_sync/1000000000), 'unixepoch') end, mediastores.mssname,, mediastores.identifier, mediastores.mountpath FROM mediastores")
        except SQLException as e:
            self.log(Level.INFO, "Error querying database for contacts table (" + e.getMessage() + ")")
            return IngestModule.ProcessResult.OK

        # Cycle through each row and create artifacts
                msid = resultSet.getString("msid")
                lastseen = resultSet.getInt("lastseen")
                last_sync = resultSet.getInt("last_sync")
                mssname = resultSet.getString("mssname")
                name = resultSet.getString("name")
                identifier = resultSet.getString("identifier")
                mountpath = resultSet.getString("mountpath")
                #EmailAddr = resultSet.getString("EmailAddr")
                #StreetHousenumber = resultSet.getString("StreetHousenumber")
                #City = resultSet.getString("City")
                #State = resultSet.getString("State")
                #Country = resultSet.getString("Country")
                #Postalcode = resultSet.getString("Postalcode")