Case Details Report


I am attempting to create a module which would export key case details from the current case into a report. I am having get ddifficulting in using the CaseDetails module with the org.sleuthkit.autopsy.casemodule library.

I keep receiving the following error: getCaseDisplayName(): expected 1arg; got 0

I ahve attempted to pass different variables and data with this function but then get the following error : getCaseDisplayName(): self arg can’t be coerced to org.sleuthkit.autopsy.casemodule.CaseDetails

According to the java binding documentation, for the functions within the CaseDetails, no arguments are expected:

Any advice in what I should be passing or am I using these function outside their intended use.


Here is what you need to do.

Import Case from casemodule ie: from org.sleuthkit.autopsy.casemodule import Case

Then assign what case details to variable you want, examples below.

caseName = Case.getCurrentCase().getName()
caseType = Case.getCurrentCase().getCaseType()
caseNotes = Case.getCurrentCase().getCaseNotes()
caseCreatedDate = Case.getCurrentCase().getCreatedDate()
caseDisplayName = Case.getCurrentCase().getDisplayName()
caseExaminerName = Case.getCurrentCase().getExaminer()
caseExaminerPhone = Case.getCurrentCase().getExaminerPhone()
caseExaminerEmail = Case.getCurrentCase().getExaminerEmail()

Hope this helps.

Thank you for the reply. These commands worked. It extracted the data and written it to the report correctly.

Thank you for the help.