Autopsy performance issues

I’m having some trouble going through the labs as my Autopsy is taking a hard time running the ingest modules. I’m using VMWare Fusion on MacOS Mojave and started with a Window 10 guest with 16GB RAM and 2 CPU cores. I then switched to a Windows 7 guest, with 8GB RAM and 2 CPU cores and things improved a bit. However, I’m currently stuck in the Section 8 lab, running the Recent Activity ingest module, which is running for ages and still 0%. I got a few hits already on most of the extracted content, but for example still don’t have the USB activity. I tried to cancel, and even that, is taking ages.

I was wondering if, with my current VM guest settings, it normal to take a very very long time, or if the process is just stuck. Also, the E01 for this case is pretty small (3GB), so I how this would behave for images of 500GB, which is the minimum norm these days. Which machine specs are recommended?

I’m using Autopsy 4.14.0.

After killing the javaw.exe process and closing Autopsy, I reopen it, launch the Recent Activity module again, and everything ran in a couple of minutes. Now I have all the extract content that was missing. This is not the first time, where I close things, open again and they run better. I guess the java runtime is just not too nice by consuming a lot of resources and not releasing them properly.