Any idea how to add Drone Analyzer module?

Also, any idea how to run this module on drone .e01 files from VTO labs?

Can you point me to the exact file you’re trying to run on?

One of the drones I am testing on is DF001 (DJI Phantom 3). You can try either 2017 or 2018 June.

I don’t see any .e01 files but I did look at some of the other stuff. The drone analyzer module specifically looks for files named “FLY(number).dat”. The zip in “Flight Logs” contains these files and they appear to correctly generate GPS Track results. I looked at a few of the other zips - DF003_microsd_internal.001 contains a few files with the correct format but I didn’t see them in a lot of the other zips/images.

What about with the .001 files? Is it possible to test this?

I don’t understand what you’re asking. As I said, DF003_microsd_internal.001 contains a few files that can be parsed into GPS Track results. The other .001 file in that folder did not appear to contain any of the FLY.dat files.

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