Slow ingest dump - version 4.18 - Keyword search

Original post: SLOW Ingest with thread dump..."tika-reader-0" Id=4456649 WAITING on java.util.concurrent.locks.AbstractQueuedSynchronizer
I am running a keyword search on a large dataset - 3Tb - although only a subset of file types within that data are searched. It started off great - storming through the files, however it has now slowed down considerably… fast forward to version 4.18…

Search started off great but unfortunately it has happened again, 40% through and the search has slowed down to an unusable speed. Ingest dump here fyi, not sure if it is the same issue, but the same symptoms. Dropbox - Ingest thread dump 3.txt - Simplify your life The channel wouldn’t allow me to post to the original thread with the link to the thread dump.

Thanks, @mckw99.

The thread dump does not show a deadlock this time. My initial reading of it is that the file ingest threads are blocked on the Google Event Bus we use to publish application events at the Sleuth Kit level. My preliminary guess, and it’s just a guess while doing triage, is that the event queue has become backed up, something new have not seen before. I will have someone on the development team looking at this today.

We are actually working on an Autopsy 4.19.0 release, so a fix should be forthcoming, once we fully understand the problem.

Thanks again for another thread dump!

I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks @Richard_Cordovano - Much appreciated!

@mckw99 @Richard_Cordovano I have looked into this issue and responded in the thread dedicated to Autopsy performance tuning:

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